Energy and experiences to spice up your meeting or training day!

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Energy and experiences to spice up your meeting or training day!

Lunch at the UKK Institute

The UKK Institute is surrounded by forest at its natural best. Take a relaxing break from your busy meeting or training day, or relax with an enjoyable lunch if you are just passing.

We will serve you a fresh and tasty lunch, prepared on the premises, to help give your well-being a boost.

We only use fresh, high-quality ingredients and, wherever possible, local and Finnish products

Enjoy a warm main course (vegetarian option available) plus your favourites from our plentiful salad buffet with sauces and accompaniments. You can also enjoy homemade bread, spreads and beverages with your meal. To top it all off, enjoy a coffee or tea plus something sweet.

We also offer a daily-changing vegetarian option. All the food included in our lunch buffet is lactose-free. Please consult the chef if you have allergies or other special dietary requirements.

Lunch €10,50, seniors €9,20, children 5–11 years €6,00, children 1–4 years €1/year of age

Everything you need to spice up your day

Meeting packages

We provide full catering services for meetings and training days arranged in the UKK Institute.

Whatever you need, we’re on hand to help.

Our buffet lunch is served at the UKK Institute from 11-13, or as agreed separately for groups.

We can also keep you going during mornings and afternoons with healthy snacks.

We’ll take care of everything for you

Planning a party?

Tolppa Ravintolat Oy has extensive experience in arranging event catering with plenty of satisfied customers.
We offer tasty, great-looking party food for big and small events alike.

Customer feedback

What do our customers say about us?

We have treated our staff to a Christmas lunch whipped up by Pekka and his associates for several years, and we have savoured their offerings on other occasions, too. Genuinely warm and professional service combined with great food. What more would you need?

Minna Jaakkola

Our association of entrepreneurs has relied on the Tolppa couple’s professional skills and service for years when organising Entrepreneur of the Year events. We have organised these events for several hundred people in many Tolppa event venues and everything has always gone perfectly. This really is service that you can feel!

Mika Liikka
Kangasalan Yrittäjät ry (an interest and service organisation for business owners)

Kangasalan Sanomat invited their readers and friends to a summer gathering to commemorate the newspaper turning 90. Coffee service was promised for 500 people; over 1000 arrived! For Pekka Tolppa and his staff, however, this was a piece of cake. In the end, they managed to serve everyone coffee and everyone left feeling happy.

Satu Pasanen
Kangasalan Sanomat (a local newspaper in Kangasala)
Where we come from

Our story

Heini Patokallio and Pekka Tolppa locked eyes in 1988 – where else but at the same workplace, Fransmanni restaurant in Tampere.

The future entrepreneurs tied the knot in 1990.
Their daughter was born in 1992 and Tolppa Ravintolat Oy in 1998.

Their 20 years of entrepreneurship has seen
many kitchens and restaurants.

For the first three years, the Tolppa couple ran
the restaurant services of Hotel Liera in Ruovesi.

They continued on to Kangasala in 2002,
when they took over the restaurant services of the automobile and
road museum Mobilia on the beautiful shores of Lake Längelmävesi.

Intermission catering for the summer theatre
next door was one of their services.

Services at the UKK Institute

The UKK Institute is a centre for health promotion research focusing on health-enhancing physical activity. It is located in the Kauppi sports park in Tampere, close to Lake Näsijärvi. The institute is owned and maintained by the Urho Kekkonen Fitness Institute Foundation. The institute was founded in 1980 as an 80th birthday present for the Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen.

The purpose of the UKK Institute is to promote public health by promoting a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, health-enhancing physical activity. Internationally known concepts such as the UKK Walk Tests and the Physical Activity Pie were born at Kauppi. The research activities provide versatile information for professionals in social and health care services, organisations and the general public.

The institute has approximately 50 employees.

All of the restaurant services at the institute are run by Tolppa Ravintolat Oy.