Our story

Heini Patokallio and Pekka Tolppa locked eyes in 1988 – where else but at the same workplace, Fransmanni restaurant in Tampere. The entrepreneur couple to be tied the knot in 1990. Their daughter was born in 1992 and Tolppa Ravintolat Oy in 1998.

Their 20 years of entrepreneurship has seen many kitchens and restaurants. For the first three years, the Tolppa couple ran the restaurant services of Hotel Liera in Ruovesi. They continued on to Kangasala in 2002, when they took over the restaurant services of the automobile and road museum Mobilia on the beautiful shores of Lake Längelmävesi. Intermission catering for the summer theatre next door was one of their services.

When the public swimming pool Kuohu in Kangasala opened in 2009, the Tolppa couple started running the lunch cafeteria Kuohun Helmi, which also handled ticket sales for the swimming pool. In 2014, Heini and Pekka started a four-year-long engagement to manage the restaurant services of the rehabilitation centre Apila on the shores of Lake Vesijärvi.

In addition to their fixed posts, Heini and Pekka have catered several events and gatherings all around the Pirkanmaa Region. Their staff has been as large as 12 people.

Tolppa Ravintolat Oy is a family business and employer. We take our role as employers very seriously. Our professional skills and sincere desire to provide great service sum up the way we work; our service goes unnoticed, but you can still feel it. We both have our strengths and professional skills, which we mutually appreciate and value. Heini is the CEO and restaurant manager of Tolppa Ravintolat Oy. Pekka is the president of the company and works as a chef.

We work responsibly taking into consideration our customers, business partners, staff and the environment. Our desire is to serve our customers excellent food made from pure, high-quality ingredients. We prefer locally produced ingredients, with many of our ingredients originating from the Pirkanmaa region.

Our company has held an AAA creditworthiness rating for several years. In 2011, Kangasalan Yrittäjät ry (an interest and service organisation for business owners) named us Entrepreneurs of the Year.